Ways to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

By Anna Smith, CISR

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Having a break in in your home is a scary and frightening experience. That insecure feeling of not knowing who has been in your home, and what’s been taken or broken can be quite stressful. Break-ins can be a hard thing to recover from, but you do find a way to eventually get your life back, and you can feel safe again in your own home. The only thing that’s worse than a break in is having your identity stolen. Identity Theft is a rising loss throughout the world and can affect you in a matter of seconds.

Here are two ways to help you protect yourself from having identity theft happen to you:

  • Secure Online Accounts – Whether or not you bank, shop, or even browse the internet, you are putting yourself at risk of cyber theft. If you bank and shop online, be sure to only choose usernames and passwords that only you will know. Don’t use the names of pets, schools you attended, or family members or friends. Try to think outside of your normal mode and pick names and passwords that will only make sense to you. This will help eliminate being hacked by online thieves.
  • Don’t Be Static – Always update your personal online information. Best to keep the online thieves at bay by changing your information on a regular basis. Make yourself a calendar reminder on your smartphone to remind you to reset usernames and passwords on a monthly or weekly basis depending on your time spent online. If you constantly use the internet, then you might consider changing your information on a weekly basis.

Lastly, purchasing identity theft coverage may not prevent a theft, but it will certainly help if a theft occurs.   and also through your financial banking company. For the small cost you pay for the coverage, you could potentially save yourself countless hours and money spent towards tracking down accounts, credit cards, and even taxable information that can be easily stolen. Contact me today and I’d be happy to help you.

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Photo by cafecredit

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