Switching Up Thanksgiving

By Lexi Myer

Switching Up Thanksgiving GraphicGrowing up we always went to my grandma’s house for Thanksgiving and there was always an overabundance of hearty food. While I love the atmosphere of Thanksgiving day, I have never been a fan of the typical Thanksgiving day foods. As I have had my own family, I have had fun switching things up and adding different twists on recipes that are still delicious! Here are a few of my ideas that I have come up with over the years.

  • Shake up the recipes of things that no one eats, or ditch them all together. If you always have an excessive amount of stuffing left over, try swapping it out for a new recipe that you want to try, or add in something else that you think your family and friends will fall in love with.
  • Try something new. Are you traveling for the holiday with little time to prep? Turkeys take a long time to properly prepare! Try switching it up by grilling steak, getting a ham, or switching to another type of food completely! Maybe lasagna is a better fit for your family’s Thanksgiving meal. Try asking your family to see if a big switch is something for you.
  • Change up the dessert table. Is your dessert table filled with pies? Try switching out a pie or two with another dessert to add more variety and save some time in the process!
  • Tired of the massive cleanup? Try using sturdy disposable plates for dinner, and aluminum pans for casseroles! This way you have more time to enjoy with the people that you love in your home instead of being stuck behind a sink for over an hour.

This year we will be traveling on Thanksgiving and staying with our family at a destination instead of someone’s home. We will be implementing a lot of these ideas so that we can have a fun and stress free time together. Remember that Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the things that you are thankful for and the people that you love. You and your family and friends deserve to spend as much stress free time together as possible.

Have a safe Thanksgiving!

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