Spring Boat Preparation

Spring is making its way through the cold and muggy winter which means we’re one-step closer to summer fun! The spring season is always associated with spring cleaning because no one wants to spend all summer prepping for the activities they could already be doing in the summer. If you knock out the drab stuff in the spring, you’ll have more time for fun in the sun.

For our boaters out there, spring is a prime time to start prepping the boat for the welcoming waters of the lake, oceans, or rivers that you plan to relax in. BoatUS.com provides a wonderful checklist for customers to work their way through. It can be found at https://www.boatus.com/magazine/2013/april/spring-checklist.asp. This checklist provides a thorough list of items that any boater of any skill level should be checking before getting back out for the season. Covering topics from reinstalling batteries to sailboat rigging items, it’s a detailed list sure to cover all of the bases to prepare your vessel for cruising summer waters.

There is one thing I didn’t notice on the list that I’d like to add. Before you don your captain’s hat, call your insurance agent and double-check your coverage. Ask any questions that may be swirling around your mind like hungry seagulls and clear them up. Increase coverage as necessary if you’ve made upgrades or purchased a new boat. Accidents can happen anywhere at any time and adequate coverage can be the saving grace you didn’t know you needed when disaster strikes. So, call your agent so that you can pontoon peacefully this summer.

Spring Boat Prep Graphic