Simplify Your Life

by Amy Laposha

“ Our life is frittered away by detail.  Simplify, simplify.”- Henry David Thoreau

clutterThis is so true.  Personally going through a cancer diagnosis, it was a real eye opener to me that there are so many things that clutter our lives, taking away from what is really important.  Here are some great ideas that the websites and Huffington Post suggest to simplify your life.  I am personally working towards these goals and am focusing on what’s really important – my well being.

  1. My Possessions:
    This one is a tough one for me…I tend to keep possessions especially if there is sentimental value to them.  I need to learn to let go of some of these things.  Donating is a good way to feel better about letting go.  This can serve two purposes: decluttering from your home and also giving these things a second chance by going to someone else who can use them.
  2. My Time Commitments:
    This used to be a bigger problem for me than it currently is.  When my kids were younger, their activities/sports involved me transporting them everywhere and I also volunteered wherever I could to help. Plus I had my own hobbies like playing on softball or volleyball teams.  Now that my children are grown, I have learned to say “no” to the things that might get in the way of the things that I NEED to accomplish.
  3. My Goals:
    I am working on focusing on just one or two goals.  It can be overwhelming to try to accomplish multiple goals at the same time.  Currently, my main focus is saving money.  It’s funny how planning a wedding will force you to do that!
  4. My Negative Thoughts:
    This one is a really tough one for me.  These negative thoughts serve no purpose and definitely do not improve the quality of my life.  I am striving to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones.
  5. My Words:
    This another difficult one for me.  I’m trying to keep my words plain and honest and mean what I say.
  6. My Time With Technology:
    Focusing my time on tv, movies, and my phone affects my life more than one would think.  Not only does it keep me away from focusing on more important things in my life, it can expose me to negativity which can affect my mood in a matter of seconds.  I have to remind myself to turn it off!
  7. My Debt:
    Debt holds one captive and nobody wants to be held captive by the almighty dollar!  This is one that I have been able to get a hold on and it feels great to have that weight off my shoulders!  Sometimes one needs to sacrifice luxury to enjoy freedom, it is a trade-off.
  8. Multi-Tasking:
    Research has shown that multi-tasking increases stress and lowers productivity.  This is a tough one in today’s world.  Handle one task at a time, conquer it.  When it is complete, move on to the next!
  9. Spend Time with Those I Care About:
    People that inspire you and support you are indeed the people that you care about and who care about you.  I find this to be very important in my life.
  10. Eat Well and Move:
    I am working on eating well and making exercise a regular part of my life and this has really helped me to become more healthy physically as well as emotionally.

Now, if I can just continue to follow my own advice, life would be so much more enjoyable!  I am definitely working on it and hope others can too!

About Amy LaposhaAmy Laposha
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Amy has been in the insurance industry for the past 16 years and has been part of the MAX family for the past 5 years.  Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, three children and granddaughter in Lee’s Summit, MO.  She also does volunteer work at her church and loves cheering on her local sports teams (GO ROYALS), hiking, music and backyard BBQs.

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