Shortest Day of the Year – December 21st

By Lexi Myer

Shortest Day of the Year GraphicWelcome to the shortest day of the year! We may not get as much sunlight today to finish up our Christmas preparations, but at least we have festive lights to light up our houses and streets tonight. Did you know that the North Pole is in total darkness right now? Maybe that is why Santa will be heading down South soon! Enjoy the official beginning of winter with these fun facts about today:

  • In Kansas City, we will only have 9-9.5 hours of sunlight.
  • The shortest day of the year is also known as the winter solstice. Solstice is derived from Latin, and it means “sun stands still” because the sun appears to remain still in the sky.
  • Earth is actually closer to the sun today. The reason it is cold and dark is that the Earth is tilting away from the sun.
  • It goes by different names! Some people may know it by Yule, Midwinter, or The Longest Night.
  • The concept of Yule logs comes from this day! Because of the prolonged darkness, families in northern Europe would burn logs for more light during their Yule celebration.

Do you have any fun traditions for the shortest day of the year? We hope you enjoy the rest of your Christmas season!


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