September is Baby Safety Month

By Lexi Myer

I am a mom of two (soon to be three) kids. I learned quickly that kids get into stuff. A lot. As I have grown in Baby Safety Month Headermy journey of motherhood, I have learned a few tricks to keep my kids safe (as well as my home safe from my kids). September is Baby Safety Month, so make sure that your home is a safe place for your babies to be, and that you are always aware of the changing risks for your kids as they grow.

  1. Place outlet covers on all outlets. You can get these for inexpensive in any baby department of a store (Target, Walmart, etc.) and keep extras on hand! We rearranged furniture in my daughter’s room at one point to find that we had not put outlet covers in the outlet behind her crib. Having the extras on hand made it quick for us to remedy that.
  2. If you have stairs, install a baby gate. We installed a gate at the bottom of our staircase that leads to our second floor. Our concern was the baby climbing up the stairs without supervision or our toddler running up the stairs to cause mayhem upstairs. Some people will need multiple gates in their homes depending on the layout.
  3. Put safety latches on all cabinets that are accessible to little ones and their curious minds. We have latches on all of our lower cabinets in our kitchen, as well as on the bathroom cabinets. Some parents choose to only lock up cabinets with harmful things inside of them (cleaning products, breakable items, etc.), but our toddler has a knack for breaking things that we thought were unbreakable, so we opted to lock all of them.
  4. Keep a room that is completely kid friendly. Not all of the rooms in our home are safe for our kids to be in, so we have a playroom that is completely safe. There are no sharp edges, bulky furniture, and everything in there is for the kids. This makes it easy to take them somewhere if we need them to be unsupervised for a minute (like when I need to switch the laundry over).
  5. Cut or tie up all cords from blinds. These can easily entangle kids or they could be broken off completely, causing a choking hazard. You can either install a small hook at the top of the window, or cut them so only an adult can reach them.

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