Road Trip Tricks

By Lexi Myer

Road TripMy husband and I are master road trippers. It started before we were married when we would visit his family that lives all over the country, and now it has turned into something that five years of marriage and two kids later, we still enjoy. We love to create playlists of music, pack some snacks, and drive. We are also great at taking as few stops as possible (which we both prefer). So whether you love to take road trips, or you are forced to make the long trip by car, take a look at these road trip tricks before heading out.

  1. Get a checkup on the car. Change the oil, rotate the tires, and top of your fluids. These things can get your car ready for the miles you are getting ready to put on it, and gives your mechanic a chance to see any red flags that might cause problems on your trip.
  2. Double-check your insurance. If you do not have roadside assistance on your car, now is a good time to get it. This covers you if you break down, run out of gas, or need help with a tire change. It is inexpensive to add on, and can save you a headache if you need help far away from home.
  3. Pack an emergency kit. Make sure you have a flashlight, water, and blankets or fans (depending on the time of the year you go). You will also want to make sure that your spare tire is aired up and you have everything you need to change a tire if you need to.
  4. Pack snacks. I have fallen in the trap of buying drinks or snacks at a gas station far too many times. By packing snacks, not only can you make better financial decisions, but you can make better health decisions as well. Instead of getting a deep fried taquito, you can pack some granola bars, trail mix, or pretzels. Buying things at your grocery store costs much less, and it can also help save time on your stops.
  5. Have fun. It can be tough being trapped in a car for a long time. We make sure to bring plenty of music, movies, and games to entertain not only us, but also our kids. My husband and I love getting the chance to catch up and talk about life in the car together. If you go in with a good outlook, you are much more likely to enjoy your time!

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