Road Trip Tips

by Lexi Myer

Are you taking a family road trip before school begins in a few weeks? Here are some tips to make it a fun and relaxing trip:

  • Get a check up on your car. Check all of the fluids, wiper blades, brakes, headlights, and turn signals to make sure they are working properly. Nothing is worse than a car having a problem on a trip.
  • Keep a bag close by with things you (or your kiddos) may need during the drive. Keep things like snacks, water bottles, sunglasses, wet wipes, games for the kids, and a blanket or two for sleepy passengers in there.
  • Pack snacks beforehand instead of grabbing them at every gas station stop. This will save you money ($3 for an individual chip bag, are you kidding me?) and you can make them at home before you go so you can bring more nutrition rich treats. Here is a great road trip snack recipe for No Bake Energy Bites that has flavor and isn’t loaded with preservatives (keep them in a cooler for best results).

It may be close quarters, but you are with people that you love. Enjoy your time together, be safe on the road, and remember it is a vacation!

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