Q: Who needs service line coverage? A: Everyone!

by Kim Bronder

Well, this hole in my flower bed isn’t supposed to be there…

service line coverage

A couple weeks ago, I noticed some water in the corner of my basement. I’ve never had any issues before so I had to investigate it further.  I found out that the discharge pipe that attaches to my sump pump and drains water to the storm sewer at the street was collapsed.  So we started digging to reach the pipe.   After reaching the pipe, the city workers came out to push a camera through and found it collapsed in the worst possible place, right under half a ton of driveway concrete.

My first thought was…”Wow, that’s going to be expensive.” My second thought was…”Wait, did I remember to update my Homeowners insurance policy with Service Line Coverage?”  Of course I added the coverage!

So, who needs to buy Service Line Coverage on their Homeowners Policy?   EVERYONE!  Agents included.

Suppose I did not have the coverage.  The contractor can go around my driveway and lay new pipe down to the street in another location for a reasonable price, but it could have been a whole lot worse.  If they had to get into the concrete, it would have been thousands of dollars. Service Line Coverage typically costs less than $50 a year and provides up to $10,000 in coverage for things just like this.

If you’re not sure if Service Line Coverage has been added to your home insurance policy, contact your agent today.  Our team in Overland Park, KS is ready to provide WOW service for all of your home insurance needs, including service line coverage.  Give us a call at 877-971-6300 or complete our Get Started form today!

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