Pool Safety

poolBy Lexi Myer

As a kid, we spent many summer days at my Nana’s house because she had a nice, big pool in her backyard. Kansas summers are hot and humid, so the break to be spoiled with snacks and spend all day splashing around in the cool water was always a welcomed treat.

At MAX Insurance Agency, Inc we welcome insuring homes with pools! While we understand the risk that pools can bring, we offer tips for how to keep pools safe.

  1. Pools should always be in a fenced backyard. Swimming pools are considered an attractive nuisance to the property. An attractive nuisance is something on the property that has a propensity to attract others onto the property and could cause potential harm to them. Even if they are uninvited guests, you can still be found liable if they are injured. Protecting yourself against this hazard is vital, and most insurance companies will not insure a home that has a pool with an unfenced backyard.
  2. Safety equipment should be kept on hand in the case of an emergency. You will want water rescue equipment, a first aid kit, and life jackets.
  3. Safety rules should be created and enforced by the owner. Come up with rules that you want enforced at all times like adult supervision is required, no running by the pool, no swimming after a certain time, etc. These rules can help keep everyone safe while playing in the pool area.

Pools are a wonderful way to bring friends and families over the summer months. Enjoy them, but please make sure to stay safe! If you are looking for competitive rates on your home with a pool, give us a call! We would love to help you.

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