New Pet during the Holiday Season

By Lexi Myer

TedIn the holiday season of 2013, my husband and I adopted our beagle Chihuahua mix Ted. He was a 3 pound little guy who wanted to be loved and cared for. Ted has been with us through the good times and the hard times, and has loved on his human family with everything he has in him. He has been the best dog that we could have asked for in the four years of having him.

Our story is not unlike a lot of other families. Animals are given as gifts during the holiday season for a lot of people. So if you are thinking of adopting a dog or cat this winter, check out our tips to make sure that you are prepared to love on your new family member.

  • Adopt from a local shelter. There are animals all over the country who have been abandoned or given up and taken to local shelters. The dogs I have owned have been rescues, and they have been the most loyal and loving dogs.
  • Make sure that you have all the supplies you need. This can vary drastically by pet, but make sure you have somewhere for them to comfortably sleep, toys, treats, food and water bowls, food, and the proper things for them to go to the bathroom.
  • Know where the closest 24 hour animal hospital is. It is good to know this in case something happens to your pet after hours where they need immediate attention.
  • Assess whether pet insurance is something you will need. Through MAX Insurance Agency, Inc. pet insurance covers your pet for things like accidents, illnesses, and behavioral issues. Be advised that this is not available in all states and not by all insurance agencies.

We would love to see pictures of the new pets that you get this holiday season! Share them with us below!

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Lexi started at MAX in June of 2016, and has 3 years of experience in the insurance industry. Lexi enjoys spending time with her husband, two children under two, and Chihuahua/Beagle mix Ted. Lexi and her family are big St. Louis Cardinals baseball fans and travel to see them whenever they can. She also works with students of the University of Kansas (KU) as her husband is a campus pastor there.