National Hunger Awareness Day

By Lexi Myer

Word CloudMost of our blogs are about fun things like recipes, summer activities, and some insurance sprinkled in. We love sharing these fun things in our lives with you, but today I will bring a change of pace as we talk about June 6th, National Hunger Awareness Day. There were a number of times that I wanted to stop writing this blog because the research that it took broke my heart. I realized then how much more important it was to write this post.

While a lot of us think that about childhood hunger, we think of the heart wrenching images of kids with stick legs and bloated bellies. This may seem like an issue in faraway countries, but we are able to push it aside because it is not an issue in our country. That view is wrong for so many reasons. Statistics show that a staggering 1 in 5 children in America suffer from hunger, with summer being the primary season for that because school is not in session. Food insecurity in the United States looks like a family having to choose between keeping heat on or food on the table. While these issues may not be as drastic as the issues some other countries are facing, we have the responsibility to take a stand somewhere to stop childhood hunger. My hope that whether you want to help international people become more food secure, or Americans become more food secure, that you would find a productive way to reach out and help those in need.

Many churches and nonprofit organizations have connections with missionaries overseas that are helping stop childhood hunger. An organization called Care has several avenues that brings food and education to impoverished places in the world. By educating them, they set them up for success in the future. They focus mainly on women and girls, but men and boys are also cared for through this organization. Check them out at

In the United States, there are community food pantries and programs that provide meals to children and families every day. In the Kansas City area, we have programs like Harvesters – The Community Food Network that sends food to over 620 non-profit agencies in 26 counties in Kansas and Missouri. Also, City Union Mission provides shelter, medical attention, and meals to families in need. At MAX Insurance Agency, Inc., we partner with both of these groups throughout the year to make an impact in our area. During the summer, many parks and recreation departments will have free lunches at the park as well as some churches that provide these meals. Check out your local government for more information.

If you know of someone who is food insecure, please take the time to get them connected with resources in their area. Together we can work to end worldwide hunger.


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