National Comic Book Day – September 25

by Kim Bronder

comic booksHow many people have old comic books laying around in their attics, closets, bookshelves? My husband and I used to have several boxes in our attic and some in my hope chest.  We’d randomly pull them out to share with our three daughters, but they seemed too scary to the girls! Then one day my husband decided it was time to make a lot of money selling his old comics.  What a disappointment when he found out that he didn’t have a goldmine that would boost our 401K or send our family on an extravagant vacation. Rather he had some crazy old fun and well used comics that looked horrible but brought back a ton of memories for him!

Saving the comics was important to recollect the times with friends growing up.  It was the same for me, however, being in a family with three girls and a baby brother, we didn’t own many comics ourselves but the boys in the neighborhood had them handy and were willing to share them.  The comic books brought different adventure and excitement than the books I read. Brave strong characters both male and female trying to save the world from evil deeds was what most of the neighbors’ comic books were about.  Stories with crazy pictures and crazy dialogue.  Reading the newest edition while Mom was grocery shopping at the store gave me a head start in the neighborhood!

I remember the one comic book I purchased as a 9 year old at the store, Richie Rich. The boys didn’t think it was very cool, but I liked it and I didn’t care if they weren’t impressed, this was my book.  If I kept the comic book in good condition maybe the long tossed vintage Richie Rich, the Poor Little Rich Boy dated 9/1/1969 would have brought me $21!

So what am I going to do this September 25th to celebrate National Comic Book Day?  I think I’ll take hubby to a local comic book store, let him reminisce about days gone by, missed financial opportunities and buy a new comic for us to enjoy.

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