Morel Mushroom Season

mushroom hunting photo
Photo by Nature Snooper

by Tyler Hennegin

It’s nearly Mushroom hunting season again in Kansas City.  The last couple of weeks have brought plenty of rain and it looks like it could be warming up soon.  These seem to be the springtime ingredients needed to make these hard to find delicacies start popping up.

If you have never had them, you should try them.  Just make sure to verify what you are eating is in fact a morel, as there are a variety of different types of mushrooms that grow wild in Missouri and some can be poisonous.

While I do think they are extremely tasty to eat, I would have to admit that I like pretty much anything that is coated in eggs and crackers and fried in butter.  Here’s a recipe I like for Fried Morel Mushrooms. I have as much fun trying to find them as I do eating them anyway.  It’s a bit of a scavenger/treasure hunt like experience and can be pretty exciting if you come upon an area where a bunch of them have come up.

If you do go out looking for them this year here are some things I have learned, sometimes the hard way, that may be helpful.

  1. Wear pants, closed-toed shoes and long sleeves- this will help protect you from thorn bushes, poison Ivy, and other hazards that you may encounter in the woods.
  2. Apply some kind of insect/tick repellent- Mushroom season seems to coincide with the same time of year that these start coming out. Ticks actually refer to this time of year as stupid human season.
  3. Be safe and only hunt on grounds you have permission to be on- There are plenty of public areas (parks, nature trails, public lakes, etc.) that you can explore. Private land owners typically don’t take kindly to trespasser’s so if you are in doubt about an area’s ownership it’s best to avoid it.

Happy Hunting!

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Photo by Nature Snooper