Love Your Pet Day – Feb. 20

Today is National Love Your Pet Day, as if we don’t love our pets most other days of the year, except that one day (you know what they did). Regardless of the tough days, most days with pets are full of snuggles, fetch, fun, and love. Today we get to love our pets a little extra and show them just how much we care by giving them extra treats or buying a new toy. There are tons of ways to show your pet you care. Even if you don’t have a pet, you can visit a shelter and spend some time with those animals so they can be a pet for a day. You can take them for walks or donate food or treats to help out the shelter.

If you do have a pet or multiple pets, a big way to show you care is preventative care. Just like humans, animals need routine medical treatments to maintain a healthy life. Pet insurance offers this care along with competitive premiums to keep your pet covered year round in the event an accident occurs. Veterinarian bills can be steep, especially in the event of an emergency. Having pet insurance as a safety net so that you can be rest assured that your fur-baby is covered just like you are is peace of mind that any loving pet owner should at least consider. A long, healthy, and happy life is a wonderful gift for National Love Your Pet Day!

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Love your pet day