Is your password strong enough?

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By Lexi Myer

Most of us have been guilty of using the same password for every site that requires a login. Or writing our passwords on a sticky note and placing it on our desk. While we may know that it is not the best practice for security, we do it to make it easy to remember for ourselves.

I have been guilty of all of the password security “no no’s” in the past, but now thanks to some education, I am surely getting the hang of cyber security. We have spent a good amount of time in our agency learning about different cyber security threats and ways that we can proactively work against them. One of the best ways that we can do that is through the strength and security of our passwords. Here are some of my favorite tips that I have learned through the past few months of training:

-Use a pass-sentence instead of a password. Use something that would be easy for you to remember, but still follows most required password rules (one letter, one number, one special character, one capitalized letter, etc). Ex: CoffeeS@vesmomslive5! (this one would be easy for me to remember having two young kids!)

-Use a computer program to secretly store your usernames and passwords. You use one password to enter the system, and without that password, there is no way to get the data. We use a program like this at MAX Insurance Agency, Inc. to keep our passwords secure.

-Change them often. This is the hardest one for me to do because once I get used to a password, I need to change it. Windows has a password reset every 42 days, but every 30-180 days is the suggestion. That’s a huge window, so find a time that you are comfortable with in that range, and use your creativity to make new passwords!

While it seems that someone hacking into your computer could “never happen to you”, remember that in 2014 hackers had exposed the personal information of 110 million Americans ( Securing your passwords is the first step in keeping your information safe on your computer.

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