Is it Time to Replace Your Shoes?

by Tyler Hennegin

The popularity of personal fitness tracking devices has really taken off in the past few years and people are hitting the streets, back roads and treadmills in hopes of reaching their daily step goals.  Many employers are jumping on the band wagon as well, offering free tracking devices for their employees and various other incentives to get their staff active and healthy.  The trade off, they hope, will be fewer health insurance claims and lower insurance premiums.

All this increased exercise can be hard on your feet, especially if you aren’t replacing your shoes when they begin to wear out.  Naturally, the question that follows is, “how do I know when it’s time to replace my shoes?”

Ken Becker of Runner’s World recommends replacing your shoes between 300 and 500 miles.

Ann Oldenburg from listed the same general range, and pointed out that if you are running 3 to 5 miles per day four days per week you will be ready to replace your shoes after about 6 months.

Miles traveled and time gone by are good guidelines to keep in mind, but these numbers will be different for each individual and will vary based upon factors like weight, terrain, and running style.  Perhaps the most important indicator of when to replace your shoes will come from your body itself.

According to Mackenzie Lobby of, sore hips, aching feet and hurting knees could all be signs that your shoes need to be replaced, even if they still look like they are in good shape.  Because when we run our feet hit the ground around 1500 times every 10 minutes with a force of over 4 times our body weight, it is no surprise that over time the support and cushioning built into shoes wears down and can lose their effectiveness.

So stay active and keep pursing those daily steps, but remember that to sustain overall fitness in the long term we need to take care of that which keeps us moving.  Listen to your body and replace your shoes before they wear out and your feet will thank you down the road!

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