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Home InventoryBy Tyler Hennegin

Five years ago my family and I purchased a new home and moved about 20 miles because we wanted our kids to grow up and go to school in a smaller town outside of the city.  This was our first experience in selling a home; took nearly a year and over 40 showings to get it done, but we are happy we decided to make the move.

One of the things that I still remember about the move was how surprised I was by how much stuff we had accumulated in our 7 years of living there.  In some ways this was great, and served as an opportunity to purge all of the items that we never used and knew we never would.   It was also a little like Christmas to find forgotten items that had been boxed up or packed away years before as we made room for all the new toys and gadgets that go along with having kids.  Looking back now, I wonder how many of these items I would have been able pull from my memory had there been a fire, tornado or theft at our house.

In the event that you have a homeowners’ insurance claim on your personal property, one of the first things that your insurance company is going to ask for is a list of the items that were damaged or missing after the loss.  This can be a difficult task to complete, even under somewhat calm circumstances.  Add to the situation the stress that losses like fire and burglary create and the job becomes even more difficult.

Being proactive and starting a home inventory list before a loss occurs will help to ensure you are providing your insurance company with a complete list of the items you lost and save you a lot of time and frustration.

In an article entitled, “Why you Need a Home Inventory Checklist”, Jim Wang suggests starting by first making a video of the contents in your home.  You may want to open up cabinets and pull out drawers to show contents that are normally hidden from sight.  Once you have the video done, you don’t just want to leave the video disc in your house as it would be subject to the same potential losses that your other contents are.  Attaching the video to an email and sending it to yourself is a great way to ensure you will be able to access it after a loss.

Once you have the video done, it’s a good idea to start working on a more detailed list beginning with the more expensive items and working your way down to the cheapest. Just as before with the video, you will want to store this list somewhere that won’t be effected by losses.

It’s always a good idea to consult your insurance agent as you work through this process to get their input too and make sure to provide them with a copy of the list once it’s complete.

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