Five Essential Behaviors for a Happy Relationship…OR your Insurance Agent!

Positivity Word CloudBy Zak Larsen

During my daily perusing of my LinkedIn feed, I ran across this article talking about the 5 most essential behaviors for a happy relationship. I thought it seemed a little out of place on LinkedIn and something more so for another social media platform.  But, as I read it, I realized how the article actually relates to business in general and especially insurance.

The five behaviors the author listed were Openness, Positivity, Assuring your partner you’re committed, Shared tasks, and Shared social networks. The article goes on to explain why each of these are essential for a successful long term romantic relationship, but I want to show how these behaviors apply to our business, especially MAX.

  1. Openness.  I can promise you that when you call in to our team with a question, we are going to answer you honestly and not try to hide anything from you. If we’ve got the answer, we’re going to tell you. If we don’t have the answer, then we’re going to try and find it for you.
  2. Positivity.  We’ve all heard the old catch phrase “service with a smile”. Well, in the last few months of working here at MAX, I can honestly say I have not worked at a company before that fits this bill any better. Every day I walk into work hearing my teammates laughing with each other or sharing a great story about how they were able to help one of our clients earlier that morning or the night before. What a great way to start your day right?
  3. Assuring your partner you’re committed. MAX is all about wholeness, we are in this for the long haul with you! When you purchase one of our policies, we are giving you a promise to provide a sense of security for you and your family. You actually become a part of our family and we become a part of yours.
  4. Shared tasks. Any time a customer calls in and wants to talk about their policy, I always try to go through it with them while they are on the phone. By walking through it together and putting in that effort together, you build a bond of trust and dependability. What good is an insurance agent if you can’t trust them?
  5. Shared social networks. We are always looking for referrals! In fact, check out our new referral program for 2018  where you can receive a $10 Amazon gift card and choose a charity for our agency in Overland Park to donate $10 to in the Kansas City area.

So long story short, those same things that make a long term relationship work are the same things that we try to provide for our customers in providing wholeness for you and your families. Give us a call and see how we can be in it for the long haul with you!

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About Zak

Zak started at MAX in October of 2017 and has 3 years of insurance experience, specifically in auto insurance claims. A big sports fan, he spends time cheering on the Wild, Twins, and Vikings. Most of all he enjoys spending time with his family, working with his hands, and doing just about anything outdoors (especially fishing and camping). Zak also volunteers with a local high school youth group and helps to run a networking group for young professionals.