DIY Christmas

by Lexi Myer

Christmas craftMy husband always tells me that I start getting in the “Christmas Spirit” a little too early, but I am one that loves Christmas crafting! If you have been in any kind of craft store in the last couple of months, it is no surprise to you that getting some of the Christmas projects done takes a long time! As much as I love spending a lot of time meticulously creating crafts and gifts for the season, I now have a baby that distracts me from all of that. So, this year, I will be doing faster DIY decorations and gifts that still bring a homey feel, but take a third of the time.

DIY Oversized Snowflakes:

What you will need: Popsicle sticks, a hot glue gun, and spray paint (whatever color you want your snowflakes to be!)

How to make it: You can either search the web for a snowflake or create your own! You will just want to hot glue the sticks together, and make sure you start in the middle. Once you get your desired snowflake, remove all of the wild glue strings that are floating around. Then, spray paint it with your choice of color (make sure that you do this in a well ventilated area) and let dry! There you have it. Hello inexpensive, easy wall art!

Snowman Door:

What you will need: 4 sheets of black scrapbook paper, 1 sheet of orange scrapbook paper, 3 sheets of scrapbook paper to make the scarf, and some double sided tape!

How to make it: Cut out 2 large circles and 9 smaller circles from the black scrapbook paper, a triangle (the nose) from the orange scrapbook paper, and strips of your scrapbook paper (thin enough to fit between your door knob and dead bolt) plus a couple of extra strips for the part of the scarf that will hang down. Next, you will need to tape the pieces to your door like you wish! You can go to the website for ideas of how to put it on there.

Christmas Picture Frame Wreath:

What you will need: An old picture frame (11×14), red spray paint, 3 ornaments, 1/8-inch-wide white ribbon, 1-inch-wide green decorative Christmas ribbon, and a hot glue gun.

How to make it: Take off back part of frame so only the base of the frame remains and spray paint it red. After that dries, loop thin white ribbon through the top notch in each Christmas ornament at desired length. Equally spread the three ornaments in the frame and hot glue the ribbon securely to the top, back of the frame. Lastly, tie the decorative ribbon in a large bow and hot glue in the middle of the front of the frame.

I hope that you are able to enjoy the holidays with your family and have some fun homemade decorations in your home!


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