Camping Tips for Outdoor Adventures

camping photo
Photo by eedrummer

By Anna Smith, CISR

Are you ready to get the family outside for some fresh air? Here are a few camping tips for your next adventure:

  • Have an emergency contact plan in place should someone stray from the beaten path.
  • Pack plenty of fluids to keep everyone hydrated.
  • Have first aid essentials on hand for unexpected accidents.
  • Pack sunscreen and bug spray which are daily essentials.
  • Bring extra blankets and change of shoes for sudden weather changes.
  • Have a spare change of clothes for everyone in your vehicle should you need a backup.
  • Never go to sleep with a campfire still burning.

And don’t forget to pack some fun things too!

  • Cards for your favorite games like Gin Rummy, Go Fish or Solitaire.
  • S’more ingredients: Graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate.
  • Guitars for singing by the campfire.

Have fun and be safe!

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Photo by eedrummer