Be Prepared for Tick Season

by Amy Laposha

tick photoIt’s that time of year again when ticks are in full swing and so are our spring and summer outdoor activities. One thing I like to do is hiking in the woods on our trails.  Here in Missouri, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation, ticks are most active April-July and like to live in brushy, grassy and wooded areas.  They can transmit serious and potentially fatal diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and others.  If caught early, many of these diseases can be treated effectively, so if you experience rash, fever or other flu-like symptoms after being in the woods or other tick infested areas, see your doctor immediately.

There are a few things you can do this time of year:

  1. Wear protective clothing with long pants, long sleeves and a hat. Tuck your pant legs into your socks or boots.
  2. Wear light colored clothing for easy visualization of ticks.
  3. Use insect repellent on exposed skin.
  4. Treat your socks/pants with permethrin.
  5. After outdoor activities, always inspect entire body for ticks and remove ticks immediately by using tweezers close to the skin and pulling tick straight out.
  6. Shower after you return from the woods.

So be careful and be aware of these suckers!


Missouri Department of Conservation

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